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Anchored Reinforced Grid Solutions (ARGS®)

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Landscape, Tree Anchoring
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Other Applications

Other Applications

What is a Percussion Driven Earth Anchor? (PDEA®)

The Platipus® Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®) is a unique, modern and versatile ground anchor that can be rapidly deployed in most unstable soil conditions. It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant ground anchor that can be driven from surface level using conventional equipment. It creates minimal disturbance of the soil during installation, can be post-tensioned to an engineers determined load and is immediately quantifiable. As a completely dry system it also has minimal environmental impact.

Why choose Platipus?

Founded in 1982, with formal US operations emerging in 2002, Platipus Anchors has long been recognized as the market leader in providing innovative and cutting-edge mechanical ground anchoring solutions for a wide range of construction applications. In addition Platipus has developed a comprehensive range of earth anchor systems suitable for the civil engineering, landfill, pipe, marine and landscape industries. We provide excellent customer service, which can include design assistance and evaluation, on-site testing, contractor training and technical support.

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Spotlight Case Studies

Erosion control with Platipus ground anchors at The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina

The Grand Bohemian Hotel, Greenville

On-structure Tree Anchoring at The High Line Park in New York

The High Line, New York

Pipe anchoring with Platipus ground anchors at the Haddon Town Center

Haddon Underground Storage System