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Anchored reinforced
grid solutions (ARGS®)

Platipus combine Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) with a suitable surface or facing material to make an Anchored Reinforced Grid Solution (ARGS®). The ARGS® System is ideal for stabilizing slopes where over steepening, excess water, poor drainage or lack of deep-rooted vegetation have resulted in erosion or instability.

The ARGS® System offers many advantages over traditional solutions:

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Immediately quantifiable anchor loads
  • Low environmental impact
  • Encourages re-vegetation
  • Can be used with most surface or facing materials
Platipus S8 stealth ground anchor with galvanised tendon and plate

Platipus ARGS® Systems are designed to match or exceed the life and performance of the surface or facing material with which they are integrated to provide both superior corrosion resistance and performance throughout the specified life of the project.

Managing Pore Water Pressure with Plati-Drain® and Platipus Earth Anchors
Erosion Control with Platipus Earth Anchors at C-43 Storm Water Convergence, West Basin, Labelle

Typical Applications

Erosion Control with Platipus Ground Anchors Installation Illustration

Erosion Control

To perform as designed, even the most effective erosion control solution requires proper installation techniques and some form of adhesion or mechanical bond to maintain intimate contact with the underlying soils. Platipus has developed a range of ARGS® anchoring solutions that can secure common rolled erosion control materials or engineered revetment systems.

Stabilizing Shallow and Heavy Slide Failures with Platipus Ground Anchors

Shallow & Heavy Slides Failures

Engineers and agencies spend many hours analyzing slope stability. Unfortunately, slope failures are still a common occurrence requiring additional in-depth analysis to remediate and repair. Platipus can provide a range of site-specific anchoring solutions based upon geotechnical engineering fundamentals to stabilize troublesome slopes.

Platipus Plati-Drain® can be used preemptively in slope designs, or to alleviate pore water pressure conditions after they’ve been identified.

Plati-Drain® Managing Pore Water Pressure

Ground water in a slope can be problematic, as pressure builds, slip planes become lubricated, soils weaken, and global instability can become a concern. Platipus Plati-Drain® can be used pre-emptively in slope designs, or to alleviate pore water pressure conditions after they’ve been identified.

Geomembrane liner secured with Platipus Earth Anchors at Midshore Landfill in Easton


Platipus Percussive Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) are a cost effective and easy to install alternative to traditional vertical trenching to ballast exposed geomembrane liners. Placed on an engineered assigned grid pattern, and tensioned to a pre-determined load, the anchors create a ballast to counter wind and methane gas uplift. The components of the anchoring assembly are selected to match the design life required by the engineer.

Close-up of Platipus Earth Anchors with plastic plate used on geomembranes