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Platipus® Anchors are renowned for providing some of the most innovative and cost-effective anchoring solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction industries. The Platipus ground anchor system is versatile and can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. They create minimal disturbance of the soil during installation, post-tensioned to the engineers determined load and are immediately serviceable.

Applications include:

  • Temporary walls
  • Retained structures
    • MSE walls
    • CMU walls
    • Sheet piles
  • Managing hydrostatic Pressure
Platipus B4 Bat Ground Anchor with stainless steel rod
Ground anchor installation at a temporary wall project at Bridgewater, New Jersey
Sheet Piling with Platipus Ground Anchors at Ross Barnett Reservoir

Typical Applications

Platipus ground anchor installation illustration for temporary walls and cut face slopes

Temporary Walls

Excavating by nature can be unsafe. Reinforcement of unprotected excavations help ensure that unstable soil / slopes remain stable and supported, preventing cave-ins and other dangerous circumstances. Platipus provides a range of innovative anchoring solutions to reinforce excavations during construction projects and are widely accepted by Local, State and Federal Agencies.

Platipus ground anchor installation illustration for retained structures

Retained Structures

Retaining structures become necessary when grade changes are present and space is limited, or when a bulkhead/seawall is necessary. They are often used to create stable surfaces for buildings, roads or bridges. Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) can be used to support these structures by means of a modern approach to create an economical long-term tie back solution.

Managing Hydrostatic Pressure with the Platipus Plati-Drain® and Platipus earth anchors

Plati-Drain® Managing Hydrostatic Pressure

Ground water in a slope can be problematic, as pressure builds, slip planes become lubricated, soils weaken, and global instability can become a concern. Platipus Plati-Drain® can be used pre-emptively in designs, or to alleviate pressure conditions after they’ve been identified.

Ground anchor installation for a sheet piling project - Nags Head, Oregon, North Carolina

Marine, Underwater & Shoreline Applications

Platipus can provide anchoring solutions for a diverse range of applications within the marine sector including buoys, floating docks and pontoons, erosion control, seawalls, levee protection and overtopping.