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tree anchoring & irrigation

Platipus Anchors pioneered the concept of underground tree anchoring over 40 years ago with the original Rootball Fixing System utilizing Percussive Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®). Building on the success of this product, Platipus now offers a comprehensive range of on-grade and on-structure tree anchoring systems for every planting situation. In addition, they also offer landscape solutions designed for irrigation, rooftops, and over structure applications.

Rootball fixing with Platipus 3-leg tree anchoring system
Tree anchoring with Platipus earth anchors at Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, Florida
On-structure tree anchoring with platipus ground anchors at Little Island, New York

Typical Applications

Tree anchoring with Platipus Ground Anchors

Tree Stabilization With Earth Anchors

The Platipus rootball fixing system, with Plati-Mat®, remains the preferred method for securing rootballed, airport and containerized semi-mature trees. The ease of installation and lack of unsightly guy wires makes it the first choice for customers. Over the past four decades, we have developed an extensive range of unique underground tree anchoring solutions to suit most tree planting situations including above ground guying. Available in 3-Leg and 4-Leg options.

Tree anchoring without ground anchors - using Platipus Deadman and D-MAN systems

Tree Stabilization With D-MAN Cells

With the ever-increasing desire to create beautiful landscapes in challenging urban environments and roof gardens there are many occasions where a standard tree anchoring system cannot be used due to the location of buried services or shallow planting areas. Platipus have developed permanent tree anchoring systems, using stainless steel accessories, available in a wide range of options to suit individual applications.

Platipus Piddler Tree Irrigation & Aeration System

Piddler Tree Irrigation & Aeration System

Drought stress is one of the biggest contributors to high mortality rates of transplanted trees in the first few years after planting. Water is vital for tree growth and sustainability and without regular watering the tree will suffer irreparable damage.

Platipus Landscape Solutions - G-WALL Modular Living Wall System

G-WALL Modular Living Wall System

Every area, no matter how small, has some vertical space, be it a wall or other suitable structure, that is perfect for populating with plants. The Platipus G-WALL® is an easy to install modular system that will allow even the most inexperienced gardener to transform bare boundaries or spaces into vibrant colourful living walls.

Platipus Landscape Solutions - G-ROOF Modular Structural System

G-ROOF Modular Structural System

The benefits of green roofs, podiums and terraces are well established. The G-ROOF is a modular structural and drainage support system ideal for any roof garden. The G-ROOF cells can be connected, placed directly on a waterproofed surface and the rigid system provides ideal load bearing support without the need for a root barrier & other layers.