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Tree Anchoring With Anchors

Rootball Fixing System - Plati-Mat®

The Platipus Rootball Fixing System, including Plati-Mat®, remains the preferred method of securing rootballed, airpot and containerised semi-mature trees. The ease of installation and lack of unsightly guy wires makes it the first choice of customers.

The Plati-Mat® allows secure positioning of newly transplanted trees, whilst offering major benefits over traditional root support systems.

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Platipus rootball fixing system with Plati-Mat drawing


Four Freedoms Park, New York

Four Freedoms Park, New York

Rootball Fixing System - Strap

This tree anchoring system, using our own webbing strap and bespoke tensioner, is ideal for small inexpensive rootballed trees on projects with a limited budget.

Although designed as a low cost tree anchoring system, careful consideration and many years of development have enabled us to manufacture a strap tensioner capable of producing the high loads needed to correctly anchor and secure these trees. Both 25mm and 35mm standard strap tensioners have been specifically engineered to meet our usual high standards.

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Platipus rootball fixing system with strap drawing

Milan Expo - Italy

Milan Expo – Italy

Palm Tree Systems - Plati-Mat®

There is a general trend across the world to plant much taller trees of all species, including palm trees. Traditionally these have been planted without support or are supported using unsightly wooden props, sometimes with disastrous results.

Platipus, in conjunction with Landscape Architects and Palm Tree Nurseries, have refined our underground tree anchoring system to meet the demand of anchoring these large rootballed or container grown palm trees.

Available as a 3 Leg or 4 Leg system these solutions offer an instantly attractive finish to any landscape. Bespoke and stainless steel options are also available to suit individual requirements.

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Platipus 4 leg palm rootball fixing system with Plati-Mat drawing

Sheraton Park, Doha - Qatar

Sheraton Park, Doha – Qatar[

Guy Fixing Systems
Guy fixing kits are available in a range of sizes to suit most high quality tree transplants up to 20m high. These kits are fast and easy to install, offer effective support for trees in highly exposed areas and for trees which require correction against leaning.

A simple drive rod and tension lever is required for installation although powered machinery is recommended for multiple installations and for G3 / G4 kits. We are happy to recommend kits for particular applications and soil conditions.

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Platipus guy fixing kit drawing

Platipus Guy fixing kit attached to tree