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Tree Anchoring Without Anchors

D-MAN® Anchor System - Plati-Mat®

With the ever increasing desire to create beautiful landscapes in challenging urban environments and roof gardens there are many occasions where a standard tree anchoring system cannot be used due to the location of buried services or shallow planting areas. The award-winning D-MAN® is a strong, compact and lightweight system primarily designed to replace the traditional kerbstone or sleeper deadman.

D-MAN® can be used individually or in multiples and cells simply lock / unlock together. It has a distinctive letterbox style wire tendon anchor point and a unique cup for cup water for valuable water storage. D-MAN® is made from recycled plastic and when combined Plati-Mat and our own engineered ratchet tensioner provides excellent stability to the tree.

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Platipus D-MAN rootball fixing system with Plati-Mat drawing



Trees & fountains in outdoor courtyard of One Tower Bridge in London, UK

One Tower Bridge, London – UK

D-MAN® Structural Systems - Plati-Mat®
D-MAN® cells can be easily connected together and stacked to create a structural system to suit any planting area or podium. This allows for trees with rootballs of varying heights to be planted level and also provides options to influence the architecture of the soil. The D-MAN® Structural System alleviates many problems caused by planting in restricted urban areas.



  • Cover and protect large planting areas & roof gardens
  • Stack cells, by rotating them 180°, to allow planting areas to be built up.
  • Secure trees & large shrubs with our D-MAN® Anchor System in any location
  • Allows catchment water to drain underneath leaving the balance in cells

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Platipus D-MAN structural rootball fixing system with Plati-Mat drawing

Private garden in the centre of London on Great Marlborough Street

Great Malborough Street, London – UK

Deadman System - Plati-Mat®
Designed to satisfy the requirements of a specialist market, traditional deadmen systems have enabled Platipus to offer effective solutions for planting in difficult urban environments, where buried services may be a problem.



The systems use kerbstones or sleepers as anchor points and providing that the soil placed on top of the kerbstones or sleepers has been well compacted before placing the tree in the pit, the systems offer a fast and efficient method of securing rootball trees up to 12 metres high.

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Platipus deadman rootball fixing system with Plati-Mat drawing



Urban walkway in New York surrounded by anchored trees and bushes

High Line Park, New York – USA


Specialist Fixing System - Plati-Mat®
In addition to our standard systems, we also provide individual bespoke tree anchoring systems to resolve challenging planting situations such as roof gardens, containers, solid bases and unusual urban sites.



  • Ideal for planting in difficult locations
  • Suitable for most concrete planters & bases
  • Fast & easy installation
  • System can be tailored & adjusted on site

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Platipus eyebolt rootball fixing system with Plati-Mat drawing

Palm Trees on Huntington Beach in California, USA

Pacific City, Huntington Beach – USA