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The Tree Anchor Range

The Anchor Range

The following anchors are used in our tree systems and are selected according to the size of the tree, the design and layout
of the planting area and local soil and weather conditions. Where appropriate, we can test our anchors on site, prior to
installation, to provide quantifiable load data. Bespoke solutions for projects requiring a longer design life can be supplied using stainless steel accessories.

A table of the Platipus stealth anchor range, including dimensions, materials and anchor cable lengths

Bat Anchors

The ‘Bat’ anchor is designed to achieve higher loads and also enhance anchoring in soft cohesive soils. Its ability to accept the T-Loc lower termination allows flexibility with regard to on-site anchor system assembly. It also means it can accept a wide range of wire tendons and solid rods.

Installation requires more powerful hand held hydraulic breakers or, in some cases, a wheeled or tracked excavator with a percussive breaker.


The range of Platipus Bat Anchors

Anchor Components

There are 5 components which make up a complete anchor system:

Drawing of a Platipus Bat anchor assembled with wire/rod, load plate & wedge grip