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Rootball Fixing System with Plat-Mat

The Platipus rootball fixing system, with Plati-Mat®, remains the preferred method for securing rootballed, airport and containerized semi-mature trees. The ease of installation and lack of unsightly guy wires makes it the first choice for customers. Over the past four decades, we have developed an extensive range of unique underground tree anchoring solutions to suit most tree planting situations including above ground guying. Available in 3-Leg and 4-Leg options.

The unique Plati-Mat® rootball protect mesh allows secure positioning of newly transplanted trees, while offering major benefits over traditional root support systems. Plati-Mat can be tailored to suit most rootball dimensions and allows for a greater contact surface area on top of the rootball.

Benefits Include:

  • Planting at the nursery line
  • Reduced overall installation time
  • More secure fixing creating better establishment
  • No unsightly stakes or timber above ground
  • Suitable for most rootballed and containerised stock, airpot
  • 4 Leg options available for trees with “box” or oversized rootballs
Rootball Fixing – 3-Leg System

3 Leg System

Rootball Fixing – 4 Leg System

4 Leg System

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Tree Anchoring with Anchors – Post Lake at Baldwin Park
Tree Anchoring with Anchors – UTSW – Dallas, TX
Tree Anchoring with Anchors – Atlantic Avenue, Boston
Four Freedoms Park, New York - Platipus rootball fixing systems being installed

RF1P & RF2P 3-LEG Installation Guide
with Hand Tools

RF3P & RF4P 3-LEG Installation Guide
with Machine Installation

3-Leg Systems

4-Leg Systems

RF1P & RF2P 4-LEG Installation Guide
with Hydraulic Breaker

RF3P & RF4P 4-LEG Installation Guide
with Hydraulic Breaker / Dual Tensioner

Guy Fixing Systems

Guy Fixing System is available in a range of sizes to suit most high-quality tree transplants up to 40’ high. These above ground tree anchoring systems kits are fast and easy to install, offer effective support for trees in highly exposed areas and for trees which require correction against leaning. A simple drive rod and tension lever is required for installation although powered machinery is recommended for installation of multiple kits.

Contractors Guy Fixing systems are also available and are ideal for smaller, inexpensive trees or projects with a limited budget. They are quick to install, and limited tensioning of the system is possible after installation.

Guy Fixing Kit – Illustration