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Anchoring Solutions for Oyster Farming

Water column oyster farming generally consists of a long line anchored, in some fashion, on each end. Floating mesh bags or cages (containing approx. 6 bags) are attached to the line and contain oysters where they are protected from predators or other environmental conditions. As the oysters grow out they are split into bags with larger openings where they can grow to market size. They are then harvested and the process is repeated year round.

Floating Cage System using S6 Anchors

Floating Bag System using B4 Anchors

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Photovoltaic Applications

Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) are ideal for most on-grid and off-grid arrays. Anchors can be rapidly installed, by hand, using simple tools and unskilled labour, removing the need for specialised equipment. In addition, where traditional foundation solutions have failed or are failing, due to incorrect installation or unsuitable ground conditions, a selection of standard retro-fit systems are available to help stabilize the array and provide additional support to uplift.

Typical Applications

Earth Anchoring for Ground Mounted Photovoltaic

Ground Mounted

Earth Anchoring for Floating (FPV) Photovoltaic

Floating Solar

Earth Anchoring Solutions for Off-Grid Photovoltaic Applications


Retro-fit Earth Anchors on Existing Photovoltaics


Temporary and Permanent Structures

We offer a versatile range of anchoring systems to secure all types of temporary and permanent structures. Where alternative methods are heavy, unreliable and expensive to transport, our lightweight solutions can be proof tested upon installation using locally available equipment. Where time and resources are limited, we design our anchoring systems to match the exact load requirements and design life of the temporary structure and with over 40 years of experience, can advise the safest and most efficient installation technique for your project.

We provide a range of anchoring systems to secure Tensile Structures

Tensile Structures

We offer a range of Ground Anchoring Solutions to secure Inflatable Domes

Inflatable Domes

Earth Anchoring Solutions for Guyed Structures

Guyed Structures

We offer a versatile range Ground Anchoring Solutions for Buildings and Shelters

Buildings & Shelters