Pioneering Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) for over 40 Years


Pipeline Buoyancy

Platipus has created a number of standard pipe anchoring solutions that replace difficult traditional methods and are perfect for small and large pipelines.

  • Proven design solutions for buoyancy control of small & large pipelines
  • Significant time & cost savings over concrete coating / set on / bolt on weights / bags
  • Minimal environmental damage
  • Proof testing of each anchor upon installation
  • Application designed webbing for fast installation with no damage to pipes or their coating
  • Installation before or after the pipe is laid
  • No specialist installation equipment required
  • Flexible anchor selection for varying soil conditions
  • No Cathodic protection required

Key Benefits Of The Platipus® Earth Anchoring System

Key Benefits of our Ground Anchors

Key Benefits

  • Simple and effective concept
  • Lightweight corrosion resistant products to suit a range of design life requirements
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Immediate quantifiable loads
  • Holding capacity up to 45,000lbs (200kN)
  • Ideal for temporary and permanent situations
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional anchoring techniques
Environmental Benefits of the Platipus Ground Anchors

Environmental Benefits

  • No grout
    –  No curing time
    –  No mess
    –  No contamination
  • Low environmental impact
Platipus Engineer Additional Services

Additional Services

  • Technical presentations
  • Site surveys and anchor testing
  • On-site training and demonstration
  • Supply and installation service through a network of Approved Installers
  • Large choice of hire equipment to install and proof test the system
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