About Platipus Anchors

Founded in 1982, with formal US operations emerging in 2002, Platipus Anchors has long been recognized as the market leader in providing innovative and cutting-edge mechanical ground anchoring solutions for a wide range of construction applications. In addition Platipus has developed a comprehensive scope of anchor systems suitable for the civil engineering, pipeline, marine and landscape industries. We provide excellent customer service, which can include design assistance and evaluation, on-site testing, contractor training and technical support.

Anchor assemblies are manufactured in Raleigh, NC in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. As a “Just in Time” (JIT) manufacturer, we can respond quickly to produce ground anchor systems to meet unanticipated and changing project conditions.

Why choose us?

  • Technical assistance & conceptual proposals
  • Continuous threaded rod or cable anchor system configurations
  • Easy installation using conventional equipment
  • On-site training and support through all stages of the installation process
  • Anchors are post-tensioned to the engineers determined load (immediately serviceable)

Meet the Team

Frank Milchuck

Technical Manager

Andy Constantine, CPESC

Sales Manager – Civil

Rory Knutsen

Project Manager

Helena Flor

Regional Sales Manager, Latin America

Casey Clapp

Tree Systems Manager

Lori Shuman

Office Manager