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A1 Autostrada, Majiejow – Piekary, Poland

Flag of Poland

Project Overview

The A1 Autostrada is a north-south motorway that runs 568km through central Poland from Gdansk, on the Baltic Sea, through Lódz, to the Polish border in Gorzyczki where it connects to the Czech D1 motorway. As part of the upgrade a new section of motorway was constructed between Piekary and Maciejów which required an anchoring solution to secure all of the facing materials to three large new slopes.

Project Solution

Early site testing revealed that the compacted granular fill was ideal for the Platipus mechanical anchor confirming that the small S6 anchor would easily achieve the 10kN ultimate load required by the Designer. Once construction of the motorway section was complete, soil was imported to create a new slope profile. A hydroseed mix was then sprayed over the freshly imported soil and a combination of coir mat and Geobrugg Tecco Mesh was secured tightly in place, by the Platipus S6 ARGS® anchor system, to encourage immediate vegetation of the slope. Due to the height and gradient of the slope a hydraulic work platform was used to allow quick installation of the anchor system; using simple hand held equipment. On average a total of 130 anchor systems were installed each day which was much more than initially expected.