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Case Study

Boulevard Sur Ciudad San Cristobal, Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Project Overview

Due to a significant landslide on the San Cristóbal Boulevard the Government of Guatemala (COVIAL) decided to relocate the original route. This meant that existing slopes had to be cut to create the new road resulting in extreme slopes exposed without vegetation that needed to be stabilized.


After completing a stability analysis of the slopes, it was decided that a robust erosion control solution would be required. Due to the dimensions and ground conditions of the slopes, a three-dimensional High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) was proposed to be secured using Platipus Anchors. A total of 5200m² (6,200 yd2) of TenCate TM14S three-dimensional HPTRM erosion control matting was installed to cover the slopes, secured in place using 1,475 Platipus S2 Geo assemblies. Installation was completed by specialized trained abseil crews, while the combined solution provided a design life of 75 years.