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Case Study

Duke Energy Marshall Steam Station – Charlotte, NC

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Project Overview

Work at the Marshall Steam Station near Charlotte, NC called for above ground temporary force mains piping (twin 12” O.D. HDPE pipe) to be anchored every 10’ using Platipus S8 pipe buoyancy control systems which includes two S8A anchors, stainless steel connectors, coated Nylon webbing (strapping), and a ladder buckle.


The engineer of record selected the S8 “pipe kits” after consulting with Platipus. Calculations included determining the ballast required to stabilize the pipe against lateral forces, they also analysed theoretical behaviour (pull out performance) of various sized anchors in the soils 5-7’ below the temporary pipe. It was determined that S8 anchors, each tensioned to 1 ton would satisfy the engineer’s factors of safety requirements, while costs, relative ease of installation, and availability have led to additional successful installations on subsequent phases of work at the site where temporary above ground force mains have been required.