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Case Study

I-278 Bridge Rehabilitation – Staten Island, NY

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Project Overview

This design-build project included shoring of walls under existing I-278 bridges so that new structures (traffic lanes and new MSE walls) could be added. The engineer determined that B4 and B6 anchors on a 5’ horizontal by 3’ vertical grid pattern would be needed to stabilize and temporarily support existing traffic lanes while the new MSE structures were to be constructed in front of the supported cuts. It was determined that the anchors were to be driven to 9’ in one section and 13’ in another section, while each anchor would be pulled to the design (working) load of 4.0 KIPS (4,000 lbs.).


This portion of the project was fast tracked, Platipus design assistance began in November of 2018 with approvals and ordering of readily available B4 and B6 anchor assemblies in December with construction and installation taking place in the 2 subsequent months. The GC was pleased with Platipus design, pre-construction and onsite assistance, construction of the temporary structures was completed the following month.