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Case Study

Levee Anchoring Solutions

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Project Overview

Vegetated earthen levees serve to regulate water levels, and when constructed in coastal regions protect against flood damages resulting from storm surge. Vegetation on a levee plays the vital role of holding the soils that make up the protective earthen structure in place, while HPTRMs and other manmade veneer systems enhance the vegetation to ward off the erosive forces of waves and continuous “chop” associated with winds and high water.  In the most severe conditions, these surface protection systems fend of the destructive erosive forces of overtopping that commonly decimates an unprotected earthen levee.


Platipus Stealth anchors are ready to tie down the appropriate HPTRM or erosion control veneer system, forming a mechanical connection to the substrate. If soils are unstable or a slip plane has been identified, our Geotechnical Team and Anchor Experts are available to assist in design and selection of the appropriate Stealth Anchor Systems.