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The Grand Bohemian Hotel, Greenville, SC

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Project Overview

The 187-room Grand Bohemian, developed by the Florida-based Kessler Collection, is scheduled for completion in 2021. Being built in the popular downtown community of Greenville, SC, the hotel will feature 30 balcony suites, a luxury spa, restaurant, bar, and indoor and outdoor event spaces. A 1:1 slope from the base of the hotel leading down to the flood-prone Reedy River needed protection from erosion and potential shallow sliding. Any failure of the embankment could cause exposure to the rammed aggregate piers that support the hotel.


The original specifi cation called for S8 Aluminum anchors driven to a depth of 16’. During the installation process, many previously unidentifi ed obstructions were encountered. It was determined that the slope was fi lled with debris from an old textile mill. A smaller Platipus S6 Cast Iron anchor, driven to a depth of 13’, was more effi cient in penetrating the varying slope conditions. To stabilize the embankment, all anchors were loaded between 4,000 to 6,000 lbs. (depending on depth) successfully securing double twist PVC coated wire mesh with erosion control matting supplied by Maccaferri – USA.