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Case Study

Trailwood & Chestnut – Stormwater Improvements – Desloge, MO

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Project Overview

Improvements to the underground stormwater system under existing residential streets and sidewalks in Desloge, MO were needed to include the upgrade of a 440′ section of 42” HDPE pipe. Shallow bedrock limited the depth the pipe could reside, while a high water table created buoyancy issues requiring some form of a supplemental ballast system.


The Engineer’s buoyancy calculations revealed the new pipe sections had a net uplift buoyancy force of ~370 lbs./ft. (7,425 lbs. per 20′ pipe section). It was determined that three Platipus S6C 2 ton pipe kits per 20′ section would provide 2,476 lbs. of force every 6′-8′, thus eliminating the buoyancy risk. The underlying bedrock mandated the use of cast iron Platipus S6 anchors driven to a depth of 5′. The convenience and ease of installation of the pipe kits using hand-held tools resulted in a cost-efficient solution with low environmental impact.