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Case Study

TVA Stilling Pond Closure – Kingston, TN

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Project Overview

Four 48” stormwater conveyance pipes were to be placed side by side in a mass excavated service road/dike structure crossing. The design called for the pipes to be backfilled with flowable fill in multiple stages.   


The GC worked with TVA’s consultants and Platipus engineers and sales team to develop an anchored solution to reduce the number of flowable fill lifts. It was determined that the clay soils below the pipe, together with the buoyant forces present during the backfill phases would require the Platipus B8 10 Ton Pipe Kits with a frequency of every 10’. The GC stated they were extremely pleased with their decision to use the Platipus pipe buoyancy control kits, as they were relatively easy to install using conventional equipment that was already on site, and they were able to eliminate several days from the backfill operation that would have required curing between lifts.