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US Highway 98, Mobile Alabama – USA

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Project Specification

The Alabama Dept. of Transportation’s Geotechnical Engineering units tasked TTL Inc to perform a temporary shallow plane failure repair while engineering a permanent embankment stability solution. This site was suffering from shallow plane failures, rill erosion, regressive failures and tension cracks. Through solid engineering practices and on site preliminary anchor testing provided by Platipus it was determined that TTL could provide a solution the would solve the immediate concerns as well as providing the long term 50 year design with the use of Platipus anchors and a permanent surface protection material.

Project Solution

The slope was re-graded and 7000 Platipus Anchors / Plati-Drains® were installed by Bridge Creek Construction, a certified Platipus installer, to a depth of 20’ with a working load of 4,000 lbs and a proof load of 6,000 lbs. The surface of the slope was then covered with a permanent UV stabilized geogrid and re-vegetated. The Anchored Reinforced Grid Solution (ARGS®) provided the opportunity for the Engineer to model the failure and determine the necessary anchor capacity and spacing. In process load testing verified the design through the entire process. The site was then able to be vegetated and put back to an aesthetically pleasing environmentally sound state.

Quantity: 7000 

US Highway 98, Mobile Alabama – USA

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