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Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) are ideal for counteracting buoyant conditions when a pipeline is constructed in an environment that is or may become saturated. Platipus pipe anchoring solutions eliminate the need for placing additional fill, the use of pipe saddles or weighted bags, pipe coatings, or encasing the pipe in concrete. At a fraction of the installed cost of these conventional systems, Platipus pipe anchor kits are transported economically and install quickly using conventional equipment. Anchor loading is field verified upon installation, and pipe anchor kits are available in temporary and permanent solutions.

In addition, with the increase of extreme global weather events creating instability, there has been a noticeable demand in the use of earth anchoring solutions for other associated pipeline right of way applications, such as surface erosion, slope stability, pipeline repair and stormwater management.

Platipus B6 bat ground anchors for pipe anchoring
Small pipe anchoring with Platipus ground anchors at Kingston, TN
Large pipe anchoring using Platipus Earth Anchors

Platipus pipe buoyancy control systems are configured to match the specific physical properties of the pipe and soils to meet design loads and intended design life, while staying within project budgets. Each pipe buoyancy solution is configured from a wide range of components with considerations for size of pipe and corrosive conditions.

  • Small or large pipe
  • Temporary or permanent design life
  • Effective installation of plastic or aluminum pipe with limited cover
  • Significant time & cost savings over traditional ballast methods
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Allows for immediate installation on remote sites with limited equipment access
  • Proof testing of each anchor upon installation
  • Fast installation with no damage to pipe or coatings
  • Installation before or after the pipe is laid
  • Flexible anchor selection for varying soil conditions
  • No Cathodic protection required